BlackBerry Support Community Forums is Celebrating!


Today marks the 3rd birthday of the BlackBerry® Support Community Forums! While we started out solely as a support site, the Forums have successfully grown into the thriving, vibrant communities we see today.

It’s in honor of our birthday that we’d like to announce two awesome new initiatives: We’re getting a brand new look, and we’re launching the Forums in their own Spanish version at Foros de Soporte Comunitario BlackBerry. So not only are we adding some great new features and a cleaner, more modern look, we’re also adding whole new sites to accommodate our ongoing growth.

As we mature, we want to keep things fresh by making sure the Forums are inviting and easy to navigate for all users. From our valued Super Users to our New Visitors, we want everyone to feel as though this is a community they’re proud to be a part of – and one that they will invite their friends to join! With the redesigned look, you’ll see new features like the integration of our Inside BlackBerry Blogs, our Twitter® Support channels, and links to our other Community platforms like myBlackBerry, BlackBerry Beta Zone and BlackBerry Developer Zone.

You’ll also notice that we have added three top level categories: General Support, Business Support and Developer Support and further divided the existing categories under these top level categories. The redesign will not effect existing user generated content. All posts will exist as they do now, but will be divided under the new top level categories.

Our new Spanish Forums will also launch with the redesigned look and feel, and incorporate messages from our Spanish Twitter account @AyudaBlackBerry.

Thanks again for being a part of our community, and we hope you enjoy the redesign!

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Kerri – Social Media Marketing Lead for BBM. When Kerri isn’t reading blogs and scoping out the latest marketing trends, she can be found walking her dog, working on a new Crossfit personal best, or watching Grey’s Anatomy.

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