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As a technical support rep for Research In Motion® (RIM), I talk to customers about a wide range of topics. One that I wanted to discuss here is about when a customer is making a call with their BlackBerry® smartphone and they see an icon on the screen that they are not familiar with: a square box with plus signs set diagonally from top left to bottom right. Although not an issue; the users want more information about the icon and why they see it on their smartphone. Check out the icon in question in the image above, on the right-hand side just next to the Speaker icon.

Enhanced Audio Icon

The icon is for Enhanced Audio, and it appears on the phone screen during a call if you adjust the audio settings in your phone options. The Enhanced Audio options allow you to adjust the bass or treble applied during a phone call.

The Enhanced Audio icon will appear on the BlackBerry Phone screen if you adjust the audio settings when you make a call. In the screenshot seen below, I changed my call audio to boost the bass during the call. That change doesn’t make my calls sound like a loudspeaker, but it does deepen the tones heard during the call.

Also, you can independently adjust the audio for the BlackBerry smartphone speaker and the audio for the headset as preferred. If you change either setting, then you will see the Enhanced Audio icon appear on the screen as you are making/receiving a call. Some BlackBerry smartphones will show the Enhanced Audio icon on the home screen to let you know that you will being using enhanced audio settings during calls.

For more information about this topic, check out this Knowledge Base article. Plus, if you’re spotting even more mysterious icons on your BlackBerry smartphone home screen, check out my colleague Ty’s great post: What does this icon on my BlackBerry home screen mean?

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