What does this icon on my BlackBerry home screen mean?


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What icons are these?

Have you ever encountered an icon along the top banner of your BlackBerry® smartphone home screen notifying you that something has arrived, but you don’t exactly know what the icon is for? If so, let me show you how to identify what the icon means!

The first thing we need to do is find a useful resource that outlines the purpose of each notification icon. This can be achieved by visiting the BlackBerry Product Documentation website and reviewing the documentation available for your specific BlackBerry smartphone. Listed below is an example of the icon definitions for Message List items that I obtained after reviewing the BlackBerry® Storm2™ smartphone ‘Start Here’ guide:

What do these icons mean?

The icons above are just a few of the notification icons you may receive on your BlackBerry smartphone. In the event that you encounter one you are not familiar with, review your BlackBerry smartphone user guide at http://docs.blackberry.com – this will help you determine the icon’s meaning. It is possible for add-on applications to produce notifications icons, such as Twitter® for BlackBerry smartphones and Facebook® for BlackBerry smartphones. If an icon is displayed that you cannot identify even after reviewing the user guide, please reference the BlackBerry Device Software thread at BlackBerry Support Forums.

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