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Ever notice that if you have more than one email account integrated with your BlackBerry® smartphone, you also have multiple calendars on your device? This is a great way to keep business and personal appointments separate and organized! There are a few things I like to do with my calendars to keep myself on track daily:

Setting up the Default calendar

For each email account added to the BlackBerry smartphone, there is a corresponding calendar created to help you organize your appointments. For example, you can have one for your work appointments and reminders, and another for your personal activities. However, you can set up a ‘default’ calendar as the one that is automatically viewed when you first click on the calendar application.

The first step is picking which account you want to use as your default:

1. Set the ‘default’ to an email address you have integrated. Navigate into Options/Advanced, then Options/Default Services. Once in this area, you can select the calendar you want to use as your ‘default’. (Note: When your BlackBerry smartphone is ‘Activated’ on a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, this email account is automatically set as your default.)

2. When you create a new item in your calendar, you will see the Send using field at the top. This indicates the actual calendar the item will be created in. This can be changed at your discretion, but will revert to the default address you have set in step 1 each time you start a new item.

Keeping track of your appointments

Now that there are multiple calendars on your BlackBerry smartphone, how can you keep track of what’s where and where your older calendars are? Not to worry – there are a couple of things that can be done to make sure you’re seeing it all! If you are looking at your calendar and items seem to be missing, they may have been created in another calendar. Here is how you can view them all:

1. The first thing we want to do is make sure we can view all of our calendars at the same time, or at least know where to select a specific calendar. Open the Calendar application and press the Menu key, and there will be an option to Select Calendars. The first option is Show All Calendars.

2. Now we need to determine which event is in which calendar. This can be achieved by selecting a different color for each calendar. Open the Calendar, press the menu key and select Options. Now you’re looking at all of your calendars with any colors that may have been applied. If you now select a calendar, you can choose the color you want those appointments to display in.

Here is how I have mine set to display my work and my personal items:

Merging calendars

Now we’ve set the default calendar to the one we want and assigned a different color to each of our calendars – but what if we want to get all items into a single calendar? There are a couple of steps we can take to merge all calendars into the default calendar. This will allow users that are synchronizing, with BlackBerry Desktop Manager, to synchronize all appointments. If items have been created in various calendars and we want them all to be in the default (BlackBerry Desktop Manager only syncs with the calendar set as Default) there is a simple ‘MOVE’ command that we can use.

1. To ensure that all items are in the correct (default) calendar you can simply open the calendar application on the BlackBerry smartphone. Press the Menu key and select Options. You should now see the list of calendars that are on the device. Without pressing anything else, simply type the word MOVE. (You won’t see anything happen until the word is completed). Here is how it looks on my BlackBerry smartphone:

Note: If you use a BlackBerry® Storm™ or BlackBerry® Storm2™ smartphone, you will first need to bring up the keyboard on the screen. Open the calendar application on the device, then press the Menu key and select Options. You should now see the list of calendars that are on the device. Press the Menu key and select Show keyboard. In portrait mode, it will be multi-tap, so if you need the second letter on the key, press it twice.

By going over the few simple steps above, we can manage multiple calendars and calendar views, and even consolidate our calendars into one. There are a few resources that can be used if trouble arises as well – there’s a wealth of knowledge to be found on our Peer-to-Peer Support Community Forums, and a couple of articles with steps to resolve issues when using the Calendar application on a BlackBerry smartphone that supports multiple CICAL service books, as well as if you want to merge multiple calendars into one calendar on the BlackBerry smartphone.

Did you find this article helpful? Let us know what you thought and if you’d like to see more!

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