Staying Organized with BlackBerry Device Software version 5.0


We all feel at times as though we are drowning in requests.  The emails, phone calls, and IMs keep coming, and the water-cooler tank and meetings can distract you from the tasks at hand keeping you from being as effective as you would like to be!  We laugh and joke that one day we will simply crawl under our desk and hide – hoping that when we finally decide to emerge all of the calls, and incoming chatter will have evaporated into cyberspace.  Turns out, however, that hiding under your desk doesn’t cause a split in the universe that allows this to happen – but for BlackBerry®  StormTM smartphone and BlackBerry® BoldTM users, BlackBerry Device Software version 5.0 can help you to be more on top of your game with a few new features.

Note: Currently this is only available for BlackBerry®  StormTM smartphone and BlackBerry® BoldTMsmartphone users (those of you may rejoice), but it will roll-out to other BlackBerry®  smartphone users in the future.  Check back on the Support Forums for BlackBerry Device Software Update information.  Some features may require BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 5.0

Here is how BlackBerry Device Software version 5.0 can keep you from banging your head against the cubicle wall every time another email arrives:

  1. Forward or delegate Calendar appointments to new meeting participants directly from the appointment or from the message list.  Have you ever realized that someone was missed off a meeting invite but you aren’t near your desktop?  Now instead of making a mental note to add them – you can do it right from your BlackBerry smartphone.
  2. View attachments in Calendar appointments
    If you are like me, there is often the occasion when you are completely unprepared for a meeting.  You show up, and realize you didn’t print out the accompanying documents –for example.  Doh!  With BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 you can now view the attachments from within the calendar item.  See screen shot:
  3. Add, delete, rename, and move mailbox folders using the BlackBerrysmartphone which are reconciled to your email application on the computer.  I file most of my email in a folder system so that I can locate them later on.  But, since I receive and deal with many emails when I am away from the computer I end up having to review them again in order to sort them.  Being able to read, deal with and sort at the same time saves me a ton of time and keeps my inbox manageable.
  4. Flag email message with follow-up request, colors, statuses, and due dates
    I am kind of new at using flags to organize my email but with BlackBerry Device Software version 5.0 this is made easier by allowing you to flag items directly from your BlackBerry smartphone – even creating target due dates for when you want to clear the flag.
  5. Precision Today-Theme.  With the new Precision theme I can see a quick summary of today’s unread items!

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