Taking Pictures with Your BlackBerry


I went to a BBQ this weekend and I was chatting with a couple of recent converts to the BlackBerry® smartphone.  We spent quite some time wondering how we existed B.B. (aka Before BlackBerry).  We marveled at how we got along before we could IM, email or check Facebook® from anywhere.  Similarly, my previous BlackBerry was a model without a camera.  I didn’t mind, as I didn’t know what I was missing.
Now that I have the BlackBerry® BoldTM  smartphone I’ve found so many uses for the camera on my BlackBerry device!

  • Shopping: Taking pictures of products and sending them to family and friends “Hey, do you like this one?” or “Is this the brand you wanted me to pick up?”, or “Add this to my wish list!”
  • Just in case pics: We found this handy when we were on vacation and the rental car was in less than perfect shape.  As we did the initial walk-around with the rep we took pictures of the damage.
  • Line-ups: I will on occasion send my husband pictures of grocery store  line-ups or photos of traffic (I commute – I don’t do this while I am driving) instead of sending him a long explanatory email about why I will be late.
  • Weather: I like to brag when we have nice weather so sometimes I will take a picture and send it to my family on the rainy coast.
  • Home Improvements: We were recently shopping for hardwood floors and so I took photos of the room with us. It doesn’t beat having the actual samples in the room, but it meant we brought home the right samples the first time!
  • Quick shots for sharing: Best of all I love being able to take pictures and immediately share them without every having to download them to a desktop.

How to User Your BlackBerry Camera
(Based on the BlackBerry Bold)

Find and choose this Icon on your BlackBerry home page

You will see a screen like this:

Get the shot you want in the view finder and press your trackball in to take the picture!

What interesting uses have you found for your BlackBerry camera?

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