Changing Your Ringtone: The Basics


It is one of the first features people change when they get a new phone – the ring tone!  For some reason a ring tone says something about you, and it makes the phone “yours”.  Not only does it reflect your groove, it can also allow you to know who is calling without looking at your BlackBerry® by setting a custom tone for your favourite (or not so favourite) people.

Changing Your Ring Tone

How to change your ring tone?

  • Choose Media  on your main page
  • Then click on Ring Tones on this menu
  • Choose  “All Ring Tones”
  • From here you can play any of the pre-loaded ringtones
  • When you have located a ring tone you prefer click the BlackBerry Menu Button and choose “Set as Ring Tone”.
  • That is it!

How to personalize your ring tones by individual:

  • Go to your address book
  • Find the person whose ring tone you want to customize
  • Click the BlackBerry Menu button, scroll down to Add Custom Ring Tone
  • Chose the ring tone and press OK

Stay tuned for a future post on advanced sound customizing on your BlackBerry.

What is your favourite ring tone?  Have you ever heard a ring tone that annoyed you?  Made you laugh?

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