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To celebrate the BlackBerry Support Forum’s first anniversary we felt it was time to step it up a notch with the addition of the BlackBerry Community Post.

Our goal with this new page is to offer our community members informative and interesting articles about “Life on BlackBerry”.

A brief introduction.
What you will find on the BlackBerry Community Post:

How-to posts

Interviews and videos with experts and community members

Launch information

News and more

Who I am:

My name is Michelle and I am the Community Manager for BlackBerry.  In this role I will be engaging with our Support Forum members, managing the discussion (not moderating) by adding new threads, boards and encouraging a fun, friendly, informative space through additions of features to the community (like this post!).

A little bit about me: I am a mom of two boys, a 3.5 year old and an 8 month old.  I have a Marketing Communications background – not a technical background so if you ask me a question that requires a computer engineering degree I will be passing it along to someone else who can help!  I bought my first BlackBerry (an 8700) two and a half years ago for personal use not for work.  I have been blogging, tweeting, and into social media in general for quite some time – so the BlackBerry fed my obsession with being constantly connected no matter what.

A few notes: If you have ideas for articles or comments about any of our posts please use the comment field at the end of each post, or PM me through the forum.  This is your space, as much as ours so if we aren’t providing content that is valuable to you – please let us know.

Oh, and did I mention there will be contests?  Make sure you subscribe or visit often so you don’t miss out on great BlackBerry® prizes.

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