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I got a shock the other day.  I logged onto my Google Reader and saw this:  “1000+ unread items”.  Yikes!  With my new job here at RIM, my two kids, and a time-consuming addiction to my BlackBerry and the BlackBerry Support Community Forums I have had little time to devout to reading my 200+ blog feeds, and my 20+ Google Alert I subscribe to.  You might say I was suffering from information overload.

I have organized my feeds in a number of ways, but the problem was I was rarely on my laptop on personal time to read the posts – so being organized and filtering the feeds was doing nothing to limit the influx.  However, I had an ah-ha moment,  while at the airport on my way to vacation in sunny Florida.  Viigo!

I knew that on the plane my four year old would glue himself to whatever movie or television show he could get on the tiny screen, and that the baby would likely fall asleep in my arms a half an hour into the flight – which meant precious time to myself.  Believe me, you don’t waste that time if you get it.  I had Viigo on my BlackBerry, and wondered if I update my “channels” while at the airport will I be able to access the various feeds from the airplane with no WiFi or Wireless Network!  The answer – yes!  During our three hour flight I read through or marked “read” at least half of my unread posts.  Bonus was that I could also read new posts from the BlackBerry Support Community Forum!

Yes, that is right!  The exciting news this past week was that BlackBerry Support Community now has our very own channel on Viigo!  Which means you can now access the support forums and the BlackBerry Community Post from anywhere with your BlackBerry.

Check it out (picture below):

If all you could get from Viigo was BlackBerry Community Support Forums and The BlackBerry Community Post that would be amazing (we think) – but the fact is Viigo gives you easy access  to do so much more.  With Viigo you can subscribe to channels on weather, sports, stocks, flight information entertainment news, and of course RSS feeds!

Visit from your phone to download.

Now you can customize the channels so that you get the content you want.

Adding BlackBerry Community Support Forums content:

  1. Open Viigo
  2. Open BlackBerry Channel (first one!)
  3. Pick +Add Channel
  4. From this screen you can choose the Forum boards you are interested in adding to Viigo just by clicking to add the RSS feed.  As an example you can add our Welcome and Announcement board so that you never miss out launch information, or add the SmartPhone category with the relevant board for your phone.  I also insist you add the RSS feed for the BlackBerry Community Post so that you never miss a post.

Adding News and RSS Feeds (blogs):

If you already read News or Blogs via RSS you can also add these feeds to Viigo.  You can do this in two ways:

Add individually by URL or RSS feed:

  1. Open Viigo
  2. Choose News & RSS
  3. Click BlackBerry Menu Button (left of trackball)
  4. Then follow this set of choices: Add Channel> add your own channel> Add a web page or Add RSS Channel
  5. Type in URL or RSS URL

Sync with an existing Aggregator such as Bloglines or Google Reader:

  1. Open Viigo
  2. Choose News & RSS
  3. Click BlackBerry Menu Button (left of trackball)
  4. Then follow this set of choices: Add Channel> add your own channel> Add Aggregator
  5. Type in your user name and password in order to sync

Now you should be able to keep on top of your news, blogs and the BlackBerry Support Community Forum wherever you are through Viigo.

Must go an read some of my favourite blogs now!

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