Personalizing your BlackBerry Home Page


Due to new methods of production, and digital technology we have come to expect that we should be able to modify anything and everything.  From our computer desktop to web sites, and from T-shirts to M&M’s® – we want to be able to customize it, personalize it, and essentially make it reflect our own tastes and individuality.  So, it will come to you as no surprise that the first thing most of us want to do when we get a new BlackBerry® is to start personalizing it!

Here are the basics to personalizing your home page.

* Note these instructions are specific to BlackBerry® Bold™.  If you have another BlackBerry check out for more documentation.

Wallpaper Picture

Your screen will likely have a nice scenic shot as your “wallpaper” or “home” image.  While clouds, mountains and placid waterscapes are lovely – you might prefer a photo of your dog, kid, or your favourite Facebook profile picture.  I went with my kids because it is easier to brag about them if I can also show off their picture:

Here is how you do this:

Use your BlackBerry camera to take a picture of your favourite pet, kid, place, etc.

From the picture view press the BlackBerry Menu button (this is the button with the BlackBerry logo on the left side of your trackball).  This menu will have a choice “Set as Home Screen Image”  – choose this and your new picture will now appear on your screen when you are at the “Home” page!

If you already have an image you want to use:

View Pictures: Media>Pictures>All Pictures.

Open the picture you want as your Wallpaper.

Press the BlackBerry Menu button (as above) and choose “Set as Home Screen Image”.

If your picture isn’t already on your BlackBerry:

Use e-mail to send the image to an address associated with your BlackBerry.

Open the attachment and save it.  View Pictures: Media>Pictures>All Pictures (or choose the folder where you saved your image).

Open the picture you want as your Wall Paper.

Press the BlackBerry Menu button (as above) and choose “Set as Home Screen Image”.

Note: Reduce the size of you images before e-mailing them, you don’t need a picture that is 12″ for a BlackBerry screen! Remember data charges may apply.


Chances are the Icons on your main page are not set-up the way you would like them.  We are all different – so of course you can customize this as well!

  • Think about what tasks you do most frequently, or which applications you use most often.  These should be the first icons you see when you turn on your BlackBerry.
  • Move the icon by highlighting the icon and clicking the BlackBerry Menu button, and then choose “Move”.
  • The Icon will now have a frame with arrows around it, use your trackball to move it up, down, left or right.
  • Do this with any other Icons you wish to move until your page is exactly as you want it!

Get customizing!  What other things have you done to personalize your BlackBerry?

Stay tuned for a post on customizing ring tones!

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